There is nothing like beautiful teeth, but unfortunately teeth can be damaged due to various reasons such as decays, accidents and gum problems. Losing one or two missing teeth can dramatically affect the way you bite and chew as well as the way you look.

If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, it’s really important to get treatment as soon as possible, to prevent missing teeth putting strain on the others in your mouth.

The speedy and well planned replacement of a lost tooth will slow down bone loss and preserve other healthy teeth, which helps to maintain your oral health.

If, after a free consultation with one of the most experienced private dentists in Liverpool, you decide to continue your treatment with Rodney Street Implant & Dental, we will schedule a consultation where we perform an in-depth analysis, compromising a complete dental examination of your existing teeth and gums, digital photographs of the inside and the outside of the mouth and all clinical X-rays.

We will then present all of the results to you and discuss in detail about dental health issues and advise you on options you could choose. We will develop a bespoke plan of treatment and you will receive a report detailing everything we have discussed.

Our unparalleled expertise in dentistry helps us offer you the best recommendations available for the best price which no other dental clinic could. We make sure we take an extra mile to provide you the best treatment available at the moment.

If agreed, your three-stage treatment will be planned as follows.

1. Implant Placement

The first phase of your treatment will be the implant placement. The surgeon will apply a local anaesthetic substance and implant a titanium post into the jaw bone, where the tooth is missing. This procedure is quick – it will take merely one or two hours – and is relatively painless due to the local anaesthesia. You may experience a small amount of discomfort following the placement of the implant but this will subside and healing will begin relatively quickly.

2. Biological Integration

Biological Integration occurs when the implant is integrated with the bone, which is usually expected to occur within 8 – 12 weeks. When the implant is integrated with the bone it will provide a strong and stable platform for the new crown or bridge.

3. Restoring the Implant

Once your implant is integrated with the bone, we are then able to restore the implant. After taking a mould of the position of the implant, the final ‘tooth’ can be individually designed, made and cemented or screwed into the implant. Once in place it will look, feel and function just like a natural tooth.

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