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Five Teeth Facts!

By June 10, 2015 No Comments

You use your teeth to talk, chew, and smile. But here are some other “teeth facts” you probably didn’t know about your pearly whites.

No. 1: Sour can be just as bad as sweet.

Sugar isn’t the only dental villain that undermines healthy teeth. Acidic, low-pH foods — sour sweets, soft drinks, fruit juices — soften teeth. The result: enamel erosion and diminished tooth size

If you’re going to consume highly acidic foods, do it during mealtime, You’ll minimize the effects by consuming them along with other foods. Better yet, chew xylitol-containing gum. Xylitol fakes out bacteria and may even help prevent cavities.

No. 2: Enamel is the hardest substance in the body

Dentists detest ice and popcorn. Eating a popcorn kernel is like eating “stone,” And ice is brittle.

Dentists also “hate” piercings of the tongue and lip. The metal jewellery harbours bacteria — and can chip teeth. A metal barbell-like tongue ring is especially bad as every time you talk, it hits your teeth.

No. 3. You can be missing teeth at any age.

Although many people get a tooth, or all 32, pulled, some folks are born missing choppers. The most common missing ones are the wisdom teeth. The second most common is the lateral incisor, which is located next to the big front tooth. People can inherit missing teeth. Still, the most frequent causes of tooth loss are gum disease and cavities.

No. 4: Too much fluoride can be bad for your teeth.

We know that fluoride is important for healthy teeth. But kids who ingest excessive amounts of this substance when they’re 8 or younger, when their permanent teeth are developing under the gums, can develop a condition known as fluorosis. Typically fluorosis starts out causing white spots, but they can become brown. Unfortunately, fluorosis stains are “intrinsic,” which means the dentist cannot simply polish off a surface stain.

Excessive fluoride causes teeth to become porous. The problem is not the water supply. The problem occurs when children ingest extra fluoride, typically by swallowing too much toothpaste. Unlike water, toothpaste is meant to work only topically.

To make sure children don’t swallow toothpaste, supervise them while they’re brushing. Tell them to squeeze out only a pea-size amount of paste so that they won’t accidentally swallow too much. Most cases of fluorosis involve children who used more than that. We recommend that kids stick to fluoride-free paste until they understand that they need to spit it out, not swallow it.

No. 5: Braces can cause cavities.

Brush well if you want your straightened teeth to be healthy teeth. Otherwise, food, bacteria, and acid stuck around braces can slough the enamel away. The result can look bad.

The tongue is nature’s toothbrush. When people get braces, they tend to stop rubbing their tongue against their teeth because it’s not comfortable to hit metal.. The result can be a build-up of “gunk.”

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