Would you like straight teeth but are put off by the thought of having braces on show for people to see?

No need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious anymore, as now you can get braces which fit discreetly BEHIND your teeth, not on the front like conventional ‘train tacks’.

This allows you to go about your day without feeling self-conscious because your braces are virtually invisible from the outside.

The only person who needs to know you have a brace on, is you.

At Implant & Dental Rodney Street our Orthodontic Specialist is passionate about his art and can provide you with a customised solution to straighten your teeth with the minimum of fuss.  We offer hidden lingual braces from the two top manufacturers – Incognito and WIN Braces.

A smile can change everything

Your confidence. Your outlook. Your life.  With lingual braces, achieving the smile you always dreamed of doesn’t have to be a big deal.  In fact, it barely has to impact your day-to-day life at all.

Book now for a consultation with our Orthodontic Specialist to start your journey to a fantastic smile and a more confident you.  We offer 0% finance deals on all our orthodontic treatments, call 0151 707 1811 to book your consultation.